Past Shows

Shawn Smith, Noirre, FIRES

High Dive Presents

Shawn Smith



Wednesday 2/17

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Lonesome Rhodes & The Good Company, Michael Vermillion, Family Mansion, Hallways

It's a down right family V-Day love-in!

Lonesome Rhodes & The Good Company

Michael Vermillion

Family Mansion


Sunday 2/14

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80's Invasion

High Dive and Molly Ringwald Present

80's Invasion

Friday 2/12

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Eagle Teeth, Actionesse, Fallopia, David Totten from Hand Of The Hills

A Benefit for Seattle Humane Society

Eagle Teeth



David Totten from Hand Of The Hills

Thursday 2/11

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Just Like Vinyl, Ten Miles Wide

High Dive and an aging Electric Jake Present

Just Like Vinyl

Ten Miles Wide

Wednesday 2/10

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Shiver Twins, Harrison B, Rakes


Shiver Twins

Harrison B


Tuesday 2/9

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This Blinding Light, Brett Netson & Snakes, Shitty Person, Bill Horist w/Greg Kelley

High Dive Presents: Listen. Melt. Return. Listen. Melt. Return. Listen.

This Blinding Light

Brett Netson & Snakes

Shitty Person

Bill Horist w/Greg Kelley

Monday 2/8

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Ultra Violent Rays, NAVVI, Beatrix Sky

High Dive Presents

Ultra Violent Rays


Beatrix Sky

Sunday 2/7

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Disco Cowboys, Lost Dogma, Stacy Jones Band

High Dive Presents

Disco Cowboys

Lost Dogma

Stacy Jones Band

Friday 2/5

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American Island, The Outer Vibe, The Pro-nouns

THIS is happening... better call in sick tomorrow.

American Island

The Outer Vibe

The Pro-nouns

Thursday 2/4

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