Past Shows

Woodgraves, Paul Gonzenbach, Masc Acting

High Dive Presents


Paul Gonzenbach

Masc Acting

Sunday 5/29

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Purr Gato, Blakk Glass, Science & The Beat

High Dive Presents

Purr Gato

Blakk Glass

Science & The Beat

Saturday 5/28

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Comedy of Terrors, The People Now, Gravy

High Dive Presents

Comedy of Terrors

The People Now


Thursday 5/26

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The Good Wives, The Dead Woods, Lando

High Dive Presents

The Good Wives

The Dead Woods


Wednesday 5/25

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Space Suits for Indians, Variations, The Wild War

High Dive Presents

Space Suits for Indians


The Wild War

Sunday 5/22

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Wooky, The Slants, MONSTERWATCH

High Dive Presents


The Slants


Saturday 5/21

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IF, Holy Pistola, The New Triumph

High Dive Presents


Holy Pistola

The New Triumph

Friday 5/20

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James McCartney, Mads Jacobsen

High Dive Presents

James McCartney

Mads Jacobsen

Thursday 5/19

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Na'an Stop, Deadly D, Brandon Lorrekovich

High Dive Presents

Na'an Stop

Deadly D

Brandon Lorrekovich

Wednesday 5/18

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Explone, The Loveless Building, The Riffbrokers, Aaron Starkey, These People Here, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, Hüsker Duh (members of Alcohol Funnycar, Coffin Break)

High Dive Presents: A Benefit for Jeremy Best featuring the music of HÜSKER DÜ & The Replacements


The Loveless Building

The Riffbrokers

Aaron Starkey

These People Here

Roaming Herds of Buffalo

Hüsker Duh (members of Alcohol Funnycar, Coffin Break)

Saturday 5/14

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