Klozd Sirkut + Real Don Music + Juliette

High Dive

Klozd Sirkut + Real Don Music + Juliette

Friday 1/4

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$8 advance / $10 day of show

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Klozd Sirkut
Klozd Sirkut
KLOZD SIRKUT is an action packed group of four well seasoned funk musicians, harnessing the latest advances in music technology to it’s fullest potential. Their evolutionary hybrid sound is derived from a vast pallet of influences ranging from Funk, Jazz, Rock, Soul to World-Beat all blended together with a heavy dose of ‘EDM’
[ Electronic Dance Music ].

The group utilizes unique hybrid electro-instrumental setups combined with effects & pre-recorded loops all layered over a hard groovin', beat driven framework to make their undeniably signature sound. Their mission; to grab you by the senses and take you on a voyage to a sonic oasis guided by their musical craftsmanship.

Trumpeter Chris "C.D." Littlefield [ Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, BluSirkut & Marmalade] tweaks his horn with effects to sound at any given moment like a synth bass, a horn section, or an alien vocalist. He can calmly cue samples and loops while laying down keyboard parts and background vocals or play his horn and make you wonder, "How is that sound possible from a trumpet?"

"Papa" Josh Suhrheinrich [BluSirkut & Global Funk Council] is an award winning "looper" and well studied musician who performs on guitar and bass, programs beats and rocks the vocals to keeps the funk extra greasy and down right nasty. Functioning as the hub of most of the loops, PJ ties the band together, wrapping their rhythmic interplay tightly within the pocket of the digital pulse.

Drummer, Davee C, [Clinton Fearon's Boogie Brown Band & Marmalade] is a well known NW Funk, Reggae & Rock musician and successful Dj in his own right. Capable of performing as a one man show or holding it down for the rest of the band, Davee C is known as the groove merchant, selling a brand of funk that makes you wanna get down with yo' bad self.

Keyboardist Joey Walbaum [Brown Edition & Tetra Box] is a talented new comer on the NW scene. His innate musical intuition and soulful style provide rich texture to the band's sound. With dexterity at his fingertips and a sweet, soulful voice that melts in your ears; Joey is a sonic force to be reckoned with.

KLOZD SIRKUT has the ability to take you anywhere, but their musical roots stay planted deep within the groove. With talent, experience and soul, they create a vibe that takes listeners to the next level. Plugged into the mother board of musical evolution and breathing new life into modern dance music, Klozd Sirkut's groundbreaking approach is a refreshing new take on funk and Electronic music in the present tense . With a firm grip on their creative reality and fingers on the pulse of things yet to come, the dance floor is in the palm of their hands. It's a brave new world out there where the future is now, and Klozd Sirkut is the way forward delivering the goods in techno-color.
Real Don Music
Real Don Music
While making his mark with noted bands Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Wild Orchid Children and Gatsbys American Dream, Kirk Huffman hankered for an outlet that would channel his creative instincts for sample-based, DJ and trip-hop inspired production techniques.

Taking the guise of Real Don Music, he has satisfied that desire by releasing 2 singles and his debut 'Dank Sinatra EP' which folds his smooth-crooning vocal swagger into the confident strut of thick bass lines and deep grooves that are crowned with vibrant, punchy horn swells and synth motifs.

Real Don Music released the anticipated follow-up 'Dank Zappa EP' in late 2017 with the vinyl release to follow in 2018 - further expanding the groups synth-heavy, boom bap and acid jazz influences.
Juliette will make you feel.
Venue Information:
High Dive Seattle
513 N 36th St.
Seattle, WA, 98103