WE BUY GOLD / Waking Things / The Revolving Bullets

High Dive Presents

WE BUY GOLD / Waking Things / The Revolving Bullets

Sunday 10/1

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$6 advance / $8 day of show

This event is 21 and over

Formed in Seattle, We Buy Gold has spent the last two years surreptitiously writing and rehearsing original rock music while assembling an outfit of disparate and accomplished musicians.

On 16 February 2015 the group released its debut four song EP on Bandcamp and are currently planning a local release show with physical copies. Drums and vocals were recorded and engineered by Chris Martin @ Birdhouse Studios in Seattle, WA and the mixing and mastering was completed by Jake Rodenhouse @ Perfect Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA.
Waking Things
Waking Things
"Living up to their name, the band itself seems to be stirring with revitalization." - Jay T. Conrad - The Wandering Eye: Political Art Collective & Zine

Waking Things is the brainchild of prolific songwriter Chris Sicard, whose work might best be characterized as a mash up of pop rock with overtones of Broadway and littered with metal guitar riffs.

Starting in 2014 as a highly conceptual project that combined vocalist and guitarist, Chris Sicard's love for literature and fascination with abstract and the macabre.
"Writing cryptic lyrics or poetry has always been interesting to me. My favorite classes in school were always creative writing and English because the stories and words allowed me that oft-sought form of escapism. My hope is to draw people in to my stories to help them find that sort of escape."

As is seemingly customary for local independent bands, Waking Things has gone through multiple members. Beginning in a garage as a 2 piece guitar and drum group and slowly evolving into a 4 piece, piano driven ensemble. However, with the recent departure of their secondary vocalist and piano player, it has become clear that they have found their true strengths as a triangle. With Seattle native Matt Chadwick on drums and Colorado transplant Brian Ray on bass, their dynamic and songwriting has matured,
"For a while I was using the group as a surrogate for personal growth, but as time has gone by they seem to run parallel".

On their debut album "Idee Fixe", Waking Things explored the story of the Seattle Pac-Med building reimagined as an asylum for the criminally insane, which mirrored sentiments and struggles from Chris' upbringing. Changing pace and tone on their upcoming sophomore release "Details", the band is focusing on themes of ghost stories and how we associate our "skeletons" with self-perceptions and the impact that can have on our relationships.
The Revolving Bullets
The Revolving Bullets
The Revolving Bullets are a 3 piece rock and roll band who are friends based out of the Seattle/Tacoma area. The origin of the band started with songwriter/guitarist – Daniel Song – finding inspiration from songwriters such as Kurt Cobain and Noel Gallagher to start writing riffs/songs after being disillusioned with his own purpose in life. After years of working on the craft of songwriting, bassist Jesse Bareng and drummer Tommy Mcdonald were shown the songs written thus far and asked to join based on the potential of the songs and the vision set forth for the band. However, the story is not quite that simple and required a great amount of faith and sacrifice to embark on this journey of wanting to become one of the next great rock and roll bands which we can save for another day.
Venue Information:
High Dive Seattle
513 N 36th St.
Seattle, WA, 98103