Zealandia ╪ We Are Not Mel Tormé ╪ Voycheck

High Dive Presents

Zealandia ╪ We Are Not Mel Tormé ╪ Voycheck

Wednesday 6/14

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$6 advance / $8 day of show

This event is 21 and over

Fast drums and fuzz and a bit of screaming. Typically wearing pants.
We Are Not Mel Tormé
We Are Not Mel Tormé
Four old married dudes with kids, pretend they are rock stars in a dusty warehouse.

The name is an Americanized reference to Wojtek. The wikipedia post has this to say about him:

Wojtek (1942–1963; Polish pronunciation: [ˈvɔjtɛk]) usually spelled Voytek in English, was a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps. His rank was corporal. During the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped move ammunition. The name "Wojtek" is a diminutive form of "Wojciech", an old Slavic name that is still common in Poland today and means "he who enjoys war" or "smiling warrior".

Voycheck is a band based in Seattle. The members describe the music as:
"Post Hardcore Swing" (Chas)
"Aggressive Rock?" (Jake)
"Post traumatic stressive rock." (Jimmy)
"Noise rock is a good catch-all" (Jeremy)
Venue Information:
High Dive Seattle
513 N 36th St.
Seattle, WA, 98103