Hours: 7PM - 2AM Power Hour 7PM - 8PM

Never a cover charge during Happy Hour or dinner service. See concert calendar for show start times and venue operating scheudule.

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This Thursday and EVERY Thursday - Funk/Soul/Groove

Age: 21+   Charge: $6



Friday, July 3rd - Pop/Funk
Marmalade, Tetrabox, and Real Don Music

Age: 21+   Charge: $8



Saturday, July 4th - Independece Day
We are closed. Go to a BBQ, blow something up, drink beers in the sun.

Age: 21+   Charge: FREE


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Su July 5, 2015
High Dive Presents: Rock
M July 6, 2015
High Dive Presens: Absolute Karaoke
$5 Jameson drinks all night longSinging starts at 9pm with KJ-Nomi
Tu July 7, 2015
High Dive Presents: Rock/Indie
Fellow TravelerSafeword SasquatchThe Ram Rams
W July 8, 2015
High Dive Presents: Mid-Week Dance Party
$6 shot and a beer
Th July 9, 2015
High Dive Presents: Funk/Soul/Groove
F July 10, 2015
High Dive Presents: ROCK
Below BlackstarBlackwater ProphetTrip Like AnimalsIntisaar
Sa July 11, 2015
High Dive Presents: Grace Love's Sadie Hawkins Dance Party
Hosted by Grace Lovefeat. Chris Andersonand DJ Shapeshifter
Su July 12, 2015
High Dive Presents: Indie/Alternative
Honor Among Thieves (Last Show Ever!)Midnight AtmosphereLife As CinemaStrange Lovers

High Dive is a 21 and over live music venue.

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